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Kate Bornstein: “Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide”

First Aired 09-20-2006 | 2 comments | Add comment
Kate Bornstein

Transsexual writer and activist Kate Bornstein on her book Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws. Kate overturns the orthodox either-or labels of male / female and straight/gay/bi with her postmodern sexuality of self-definition and fluid identity.

Kate is the author of the highly successful books My Gender Workbook and Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and The Rest of Us, and her new book takes a transgressive and honest approach to what it takes to stay alive in a crazy world.

Delphine Brody: Policy Advocacy

First Aired 09-13-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Delphine Brody

Delphine Brody is a psych survivor and advocate with the California Network of Mental Health Clients who has years of experience working for substantial policy change on the local, state, and national level.

Delphine also addresses efforts to stop forced outpatient commitment laws in California in the wake of the recent tragic murder of psychiatrist Dr. Wayne Fenton.

Coming Off Medications w/Oryx Cohen

First Aired 08-30-2006 | 1 comment | Add comment

Oryx Cohen and Will Hall of the Freedom Center discuss how to reduce and go off psychiatric drugs safely. Oryx is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Will with schizophrenia, and both are medication-free.

They talk about their own experiences as well as general principles and things to keep in mind for anyone working to reduce or go off psychiatric drugs, lessons learned from 5 years of working with the Freedom Center support group and helping people reduce and go off drugs successfully.

Environmental Illness and Mental Health

First Aired 08-02-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Reason, pseudonym of Valley Free Radio’s Antidote Radio host, discusses multiple chemical sensitivity, environmental illness, toxins in our surroundings, food, and bodies, and how this affects our mental health and overall wellbeing. Your diagnosis might be from chemical exposure! Learn about how to address this important issue.

David Oaks: Mindfreedom International

First Aired 07-19-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
David Oaks

David Oaks, Director of Mindfreedom International, the leading psychiatric survivor human rights coalition, talks about his 30 years of experience as a movement activist, Mindfreedom’s work, and strategies and visions for challenging corporate psychiatric control of mental health care.

David also hosts the weekly Mindfreedom News Hour radio show at

Barney Plisko: Life With Bipolar Diagnosis

First Aired 06-14-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Barney Plisko, longtime Freedom Center member who has struggled for years with extreme states of consciousness, discusses living with a bipolar diagnosis, dealing with the mental health system, efforts at recovery, and the different ways his condition has disrupted and undermined his life — as well as offered unexpected opportunities and gifts.

Darby Penney: Willard Hospital Suitcase Exhibit

First Aired 05-04-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Willard Hospital Suitcase Exhibit

Leading survivor advocate Darby Penney on the exhibit created from suitcases found in the attic of the old Willard State Hospital asylum in New York, illustrating the forgotten lives of patients there.

John Judge: Government Mind Control

First Aired 04-05-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
John Judge

John Judge was active in the 1970s psychiatric survivor movement and is now special assistant to Congressperson Cynthia KcKinney. John discusses MKULTRA and other US psychiatric mind control experiments, which involved torture of thousands of mental patients. Judge also looks at the Jonestown massacre, LSD, and the convergence of Nazism with the roots of biomedical psychiatry.

John McCarthy: Irish Mental Health Advocacy

First Aired 03-28-2006 | 4 comments | Add comment
John McCarthy

Ireland Activist and Poet John McCarthy, Mindfreedom International representative to the United Nations, discusses being “normally mad,” recovery, the UN Disability Convention, and challenging system abuses, in dialogue with Will Hall and co-host Oryx Cohen.

John also responds to callers, and reads a very moving poem about the death of a friend in the system. A very popular show.

Paula Caplan: Deciding Who is Normal

First Aired 03-15-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Paula Caplan

Harvard University faculty Paula Caplan, author of They Say You’re Crazy: How The World’s Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who’s Normal and editor of Bias In Psychiatric Diagnosis.

Paula was on one of the writing committees for the DSM and offers an insightful perspective on the politics behind psychiatric pseudo-science. She discusses mental disorder labeling, including bipolar and post-trauma stress disorder, from a feminist perspective.

Carey Lamprecht: Children and Forced Treatment

First Aired 03-01-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Activist Carey Lamprecht on her experiences as a staffperson in high security locked facilities with violent children and adolescents, and her creation of successful alternatives to restraints and coercion, alternatives that were blocked by facility administrators. Carey is herself a psych survivor with a bipolar diagnosis.

Dr. Mike Smith, Lincoln Recovery: Acupuncture for Drug Detox

First Aired 02-15-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Dr Mike Smith

Dr. Mike Smith, Director of Lincoln Recovery drug detox center in the South Bronx NYC, discusses the use of acupuncture to treat addiction, the war on drugs, and the NADA ear acupuncture protocol, which is the protocol used in the Freedom Center acupuncture clinic.

Judi Chamberlin: Psychiatric Survivor Movement

First Aired 02-08-2006 | 2 comments | Add comment
Judi Chamberlin

Judi Chamberlin is a leading organizer with the psychiatric survivors’ movement and one of its earliest initiators. She is author of On Our Own: Patient Controlled Alternatives to the Mental Health System and staff with the National Empowerment Center. Show is co-hosted by Cheryl Alexander.

Forced Drugging in Northampton MA: Jim Gottstein, Lee LePoutre

First Aired 02-01-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Louis Lee LePouttre, forced to take psych drugs as an outpatient in Northampton discusses his legal situation with Jim Gottstein of PsychRights. Louis, who has no history of violence, objects to drugging on religious and health grounds. When he fails to show up for appointments, police drag him to the hospital and he is forcibly injected under a “Rogers Order.” Louis is a client of ServiceNet, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Parkview, and the Department of Mental Health. He now has diabetes, a Zyprexa side effect.

Sherry Mead: Peer Run Crisis Services

First Aired 01-25-2006 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Sherry Mead

Recovery leader Sherry Mead discusses how peer-run crisis alternatives are leading the way to a transformed mental health system.


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