Madness Survivor Voices with Gail Hornstein

First Aired: 07-18-2007 -- 1 comment | Add comment
Professor Gail Hornstein

Longtime Freedom Center ally Mt. Holyoke College Professor Gail Hornstein discusses first-person accounts of people who have lived through madness, and previews her upcoming book Agnes’s Jacket.

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One comment on “Madness Survivor Voices with Gail Hornstein

  1. Hi Will and Listeners,
    I’m so glad that I found Madness Radio, via Anne’s blog “Wonderer’s Heart”
    We are so deprived of anything like it or Hearing Voices in Australia (Melbourne, Victoria).
    As a long term sufferer on the slippery slope of depression and a client of our messed up Public Mental Health (PMH) system in Victoria for the last two years, to no avail, I found this document in my www search.
    Note: November 2009
    Thought you might be interested in how “upside-down” our Governments are Down Under.
    To give you some of my personal experiances: three hospitalizations in the second half of 2009, four different antidepressants, lithium, sedatives (incloding Stilnox! – paradoxical effect , awake for 36hrs after taking one tables, never again), offered ECT by PMH Psychiatrist – my GP’s oppinion “If you refuse it, I’ll recommend ‘involuntary’, dealing with a 6 month rotation of Registrars at PMH, two different Psychologists – one told me my view of the world is “wrong” then that he couldn’t help me, three personally aggravating dealings with the police at times of crisis and to top it all off added to a “diagnosis” of major depression – suggestions of Borderline, Avoidant and Schitzoid Personality Dissorders. Nothing has helped. It’s all so “F#%D UP”!!!!
    PS: trying to get 3RRR radio on board to broadcast Madness Radio.

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