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When Cassie Wilson experienced mental distress due to an internship setting triggering past trauma memories, she called student counseling – and then police came to her home, handcuffed her, and detained her in a hospital for 6 days. In this episode Cassie, a psychiatric survivor and student of human rights and neuroscience, discusses with co-hosts Jacks McNamara and Will Hall her experiences in the psychiatric system and how this experience aligns with the violent and carceral dynamics of prisons. Cassie wrote about this experience in an essay entitlted “At the Forefront of Medicine: My Summer Involuntary Hospitlization” which can be read in the Chicago Maroon. You can contact her at cassidyw312 (at) (gmail) (dot) com. (Alternate 58 minute version here.)

At the Forefront of Medicine: My Summer Involuntary Hospitalization


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3 comments on “Psychiatric Incarceration | Cassie Wilson | Madness Radio

  1. Hello. Thank you Will Hall, Cassidy Wilson and Jacks McNamara for such a rich discussion.
    I would like to read Cassie’s paper, but I think the link is broken. Please can somebody fix this and make it available? Thanks.
    I would like to know how having a diagnosis of Autism may have positively or negatively effected your experience of hospitalisation, or not, and wondering which state you were in (Chicago?). I will email you for more info. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

    1. Thanks so much – link should be ok now! – I’ll connect you with Cassie.

    2. very interesting! I see now that it’s very important to focus on our mental health. The community support offered in the world these days is amazing. We have come such a long way and established so much contact out in the world over time. Thank you all for your service and reformation, I look forward to working with you all in the future.

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