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When Karin Jervert withdrew from 5 psychiatric medications the conflicting voices and forces in her head became pathways to art and spirit. Through Buddhism and earth-based ceremony Karin discovered a new world – and a new sense of self – from her suffering. Co-hosts Jacks McNamara and Will Hall discuss art, ancestors, and the nature of reality with Karin, who today is arts editor for Mad In America. Karin creates nonfiction essays, visual art, graphic narratives, and poetry that explore transforming trauma – including the trauma of forced psychiatric treatment. (Alternate 58 min version here.)




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2 comments on “Tea with Spirit | Karin Jervert | Madness Radio

  1. sitting here joying my tea, thinking about the development of the world and the time gone by, and I can’t stop thinking about how much I am actually behind. Even though I’m active online in multiple virtual communities, I still feel totally behind, and I believe primarily due to not being active in the communities as much as I wanna be. Thanks for all the details, wisdom, briefing and community updates provided, and just maybe one day I’ll be able to actually spend time with the people I meet online, that could be cool. Great work out in the world, thanks for the community support, forgiveness and reformation.

  2. lol “This is madness radio; our tolerance for weird is really, really high!”
    Beautiful conversation; appreciate you three; thank you for sharing.

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