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“Madness of George W Bush” w/ Paul Levy

First Aired 06-27-2007 | 1 comment | Add comment
Paul Levy

Paul Levy, who went through psych hospitalizations as part of a spiritual emergence process and became a Buddhist teacher, discusses his book The Madness Of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis.

Rocky Caravelli: Treating Addiction with Psychedelic Ibogaine

First Aired 06-20-2007 | 3 comments | Add comment

Rocky Caravelli talks about his recovery from 25 years of methamphetamine and heroin addition and a bipolar diagnosis through treatment with Ibogaine, a visionary plant medicine from indigenous people in West Africa, and his work helping many others heal.

Rocky is director of Ibogaine treatment center Awaken In The Dream house in San Francisco de Nayarit, Mexico.

Chaya Grossberg: Madness Spirituality

First Aired 06-06-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Chaya Grossberg

Long time Freedom Center organizer Chaya Grossberg talks about her experiences with madness, medications, her explorations of spirituality, being a client at Windhorse Associates, and how her healing path has brought her to be a teacher of local yoga and writing classes.

Richard DeGrandpre: Cult of Pharmacology

First Aired 06-06-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
DeGrandpre: Cult of Pharmacology

Richard DeGrandpre, former editor of Adbusters magazine and author of Ritalin Nation, discusses his new book, The Cult of Pharmacology, and how the popular conception of “addiction” behind the War On Drugs is scientifically inaccurate: social context, learning, morality and meaning determine how drugs affect us, not simple addiction chemistry.

Keely Malone: Active Bystandership

First Aired 05-30-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Keely Malone

Keely Malone, organizer with Freedom Center, and Arise for Social Justice, talks about her work with Quabbin Mediation training people in “Active Bystandership,” teaching how to not passively witness harm such as bullying, violence, or crisis, but to become actively involved, and how this can change situations and make communities more responsible.

Philip Dawdy: Furious Seasons Blog

First Aired 05-27-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Award winning journalist Philip Dawdy, former Seattle Weekly writer, discusses his research on pharmaceutical companies and mental heath. Philip is the writer of the excellent blog Furious Seasons.

Child Lockup / Holocaust / Vikki Gilbert

First Aired 05-23-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

17 year old Sonia Peterson speaks with great insight about being locked up and forced to take drugs at age 12 and living with a bipolar diagnosis. Plus a short documentaty produced by Darbey Penney and Peter Stastny on Nazi killings of psychiatric patients, and an interview with original Freedom Center leading organizer Vikki Gilbert.

Krista MacKinnon: Family Advocacy

First Aired 05-16-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Krista MacKinnon

Psychiatric survivor Krista MacKinnon talks about her experiences with extreme states and spirituality, and her current work as a family advocate with Toronto, Canada’s Family Outreach and Response Program, an innovative way of helping families from beyond the limits of the medical approach.

Pat Bracken: Post-Psychiatry, PTSD & Community Development

First Aired 05-09-2007 | 1 comment | Add comment

Dr. Pat Bracken, Irish psychiatrist, philosopher and co-author of the book Post-Psychiatry: Mental Health in a Post-Modern World, discusses community development as an alternative to individualistic and harmful Western mental health care world wide, including a critique of the PTSD diagnosis and its treatment based on his work in Uganda.

Mina: Madness & Mysticism: Portland Icarus Project

First Aired 04-14-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Mina, a main organizer with the Portand Icarus Project, discusses her experiences diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder schizophrenia – bipolar type, coming off meds, homelessness, mysticism, and helping people through psychotic crisis, as well as reading from her ‘zine.

Ed Knight: Recovery and Transformation

First Aired 04-14-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Ed Knight

Ed Knight, schizophrenia and homelessness survivor, has become one of the leading advocates of a recovery-based approach in mental health, and is one of the main organizers of the consumer-survivor movement.

Ed is the Steward of The Healing Circle, a Zen Peacemaker Circle, and a Senior in the Buddhist Zen Peacemaker Sangha, as well as Vice President of Recovery, Rehabilitation and Mutual Support at Valueoptions, and a mentor in the Prison Dharma Network.

Peter Stastny: Dissident Psychiatrist

First Aired 04-11-2007 | 3 comments | Add comment
Peter Stastny

Psychiatrist Peter Stastny talks about his decades-long work as an anti-psychiatrist psychiatrist, problems with the hospital system and medications, and the international movement to create alternatives.

Peter is one of the main organizers of INTAR, the International Network of Treatment Alternatives for Recovery.

International Network Towards Alternatives and Recovery – INTAR

First Aired 03-21-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

INTAR — the International Network Towards Alternatives and Recovery — had a 2005 gathering of people from around the world working on ways to help people with schizophrenia, bipolar and other diagnoses without the medical model. This hour-long show interviews 13 participants.

Restorative Justice w/ Rockdove Collective

First Aired 03-14-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Rockdove Collective

Danielle, who works with a New York City policy NGO and is part of the activist Rockdove Collective, discusses the international Restorative Justice movement, creating effective mediation and community dialog as alternatives to the punitive prison-industrial complex criminal justice system. Danielle specifically focuses on using Restorative Justice for violent and serious crimes.

Check out and

Michael Perlin: International Mental Health Rights

First Aired 02-14-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Leading legal scholar Michael Perlin discusses psychiatric rights around the world and the political uses of forced treatment, at the 2006 NARPA conference.


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