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America’s Depression Epidemic: Bruce Levine

First Aired 11-21-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Levine: Surviving America's Depression Epidemic

Clinical psychologist Bruce Levine discusses his new book Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic: How to Find Morale, Energy, and Community in a World Gone Crazy, an insightful exploration of the social and political causes of depression and how to heal by rebuilding communities.

Human Rights in Argentina with Mental Disability Rights International

First Aired 11-14-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Mental Disability Rights International

Latin America Program Director Alison Hillman of Mental Disability Rights International talks with Will Hall in Buenos Aires Argentina about the campaign to reform the country’s brutally abusive mental health system, and the work she and Will have been doing with the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales to support the emergence of the user/survivor movement.

Virginia Tech Icarus Project Dialog

First Aired 10-31-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
VA Tech

Icarus Project organizers Madigan Shive, Molly Sprengelmeyer, Will Hall, Neil Gong, and Sascha DuBrul visit Virginia Tech, site of the violent tragedy, and discuss campus mental health issues with students.

Youth Suicide with Leah Harris

First Aired 10-24-2007 | 3 comments | Add comment
Leah Harris

Psychiatric survivor and leading advocate Leah Harris reads her powerful poem “I Was a Teenage Mental Patient” and discusses how communities can work to prevent suicide by looking beyong mainstream approaches and rethinking our alienating school system.

Men and Trauma with Oryx Cohen

First Aired 10-07-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Oryx Cohen

Freedom Center co-founder Oryx Cohen talks about how men can recover and heal from trauma, and creating a trauma-informed mental health system. Oryx also discusses the creation of the new Recovery Learning Community in Western MA.

Jamaican Dub Music and Recovery: John Rice

First Aired 09-19-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
DJ John Rice

Phenix City, Alabama mobile DJ John Rice describes how he spent decades on neuroleptic drugs after being dragged into the psych system in the Deep South, and his discovery of Jamaican dub reggae music as a pathway to recovery and spiritual connection. An amazing interview.

What Is Psychosis? Matthew Morsey

First Aired 09-19-2007 | 1 comment | Add comment
Matt Morrissey

Psychotherapist and MindFreedom activist Matthew Morsey discusses the deeper meaning of “psychosis,” his own healing journey, and his past work at a unique center that focused on facilitating recovery from what are classified as “major mental disorders.”

Patricia Deegan: Personal Medicine

First Aired 09-12-2007 | 1 comment | Add comment
Patricia Deegan

Longtime consumer-survivor movement leader and pioneer in recovery education Pat Deegan talks about her story surviving a schizophrenia diagnosis, empowered medication decisions, and her development of innovative assisstive technology.

Medical Cannabis w/ Dr. Mitch Earleywine

First Aired 08-29-2007 | 1 comment | Add comment
medical cannabis

Psychologist and advocate with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and the Marijuana Policy project, Mitch Earleywine discusses medical marijuana, dangers and uses, and the relationship between marijuana and psychosis.

the Norml podcast
the Marijuana Policy Project

Escape from Psychiatry Bed Push

First Aired 08-22-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
bed push

July 2007: psychiatric survivors from the Freedom Center in Northampton MA pushed a bed across town and held a rally and speakout against local mental health mistreatment, including at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and ServiceNet. With activists Molly Hurter, Keeley Malone, Chaya Grossberg, Oryx Cohen, Amy Bookbinder, and Abigail Adams.

Pharma Corruption: Evelyn Pringle

First Aired 08-15-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Independent journalist Evelyn Pringle writes extensively on Big Pharma corruption and the role the mainstream media plays in covering it up.

Hurricane Katrina + Mental Health

First Aired 08-09-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Hurricane Katrina special, with Aby Adams and Will Hall of the Freedom Center discussing their trip to New Orleans to do volunteer relief work, and the questionable role of the mainstream mental health industry in recovery efforts.

Check out their trip report on the Freedom Center News page.

Manufacturing Depression: Gary Greenberg

First Aired 08-08-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Journalist and Psychotherapist Gary Greenberg

Gary Greenberg, journalist for Harpers, the New Yorker, Rolling Stone and others, discusses being a subject in a clinical drug trial, how depression is manipulated by advertising and Big Pharma, and the social medicalizing of experience.

Lamictal Near Fatality + Bipolar Knitting

First Aired 08-01-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Two topics: A Northampton, Massachusetts woman talks about her near-fatal drug reaction to an off label prescription of Lamictal, and Brooklynne Michelle discusses the Mosh Knit podcast — about knitting and bipolar.

Bonfire Madigan: Visionary Musician

First Aired 07-25-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Bonfire Madigan

Riot Grrl instigator Bonfire Madigan Shive talks about her family, the mental health system, living outside the mainstream and her creative inspiration as a visionary musician.


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