Cognitive Therapy: Ron Unger

First Aired: 07-16-2008 -- 2 comments | Add comment
Ron Unger

Oregon Mental health counselor Ron Unger discusses his experiences with altered states of consciousness, and how cognitive behavioral therapy can be a useful alternative to medication and mainstream psychiatric treatment. Ron is a longtime organizer with the human rights organization Mindfreedom International, and his website is

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2 comments on “Cognitive Therapy: Ron Unger

  1. Ron’s training was awesome. He received applause at the end of the two days. We were basically glued to his compassionate perception and interpretations for the entire seminar. I’m so glad to have new understanding of those I serve.

  2. About three years ago, I became a teacher for a social-emotional,
    self-contained classroom. I had a learning disabilities back ground leaving
    me with a very limited knowledge base regarding various emotional… I’ll
    use abilities, instead of disabilities. I relied on the people around me to
    teach and educate me about these various states of emotions and how to work
    with these children. I did the best I could my first two years, but have to
    admit, that even though I tried to be as empathic as possible, the training
    and education I was receiving probably left me as part of the problem.

    This year, my classroom is a bouquet of various abilities: having students
    with OCD, cutting issues, bi-polar, autism, and ADHD. I would go to Child
    Study Team meetings and be given ideas on how to work with these students.
    Not many of the ideas would help. In fact, some of the behaviors would
    increase. I began searching the web for more information and came across
    your radio show while doing an ITUNES search. Since I have begun listening
    to your show, I have begun reading suggested web sites, downloading
    resources, and utilizing some of the ideas presented in my classroom. While
    the results were not miraculous I’ve only been listening for a week, they
    were better.

    Your show has helped changed the way I viewed my students, work with my
    students, and with more research and time; hopefully, it will help give me
    the knowledge and courage to help our school reform how we educate our

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