Coming Off Medications w/Oryx Cohen

First Aired: 08-30-2006 -- 2 comments | Add comment

Oryx Cohen and Will Hall of the Freedom Center discuss how to reduce and go off psychiatric drugs safely. Oryx is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Will with schizophrenia, and both are medication-free.

They talk about their own experiences as well as general principles and things to keep in mind for anyone working to reduce or go off psychiatric drugs, lessons learned from 5 years of working with the Freedom Center support group and helping people reduce and go off drugs successfully.

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2 comments on “Coming Off Medications w/Oryx Cohen

  1. Will and Oryx great information, and inspiring stories of recovery! Thank you so much

    1. Yes I’ve read Peter Breggin’s book , Toxic Psyciatry, and its a great book. I highly recommend this book to anyone coming off.

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