Environmental Insanity w/ Author Derrick Jensen

First Aired: 03-26-2008 -- 2 comments | Add comment
Jensen: A Language Older than Words

Visionary writer and thought-provoking environmentalist Derrick Jensen talks about the human-caused ecological collapse of the natural world, family trauma, technological brainwashing, indigenous societies, Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing, and the importance of rage in an undeniably insane world.


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2 comments on “Environmental Insanity w/ Author Derrick Jensen

  1. I have listened to quite a few interviews and recorded talks of/by Derrick Jensen. Kudos to Will Hall and the Madness Radio Team for one of the very best all around interviews of Derrick I have come across online so far!

    I return often and listen again and again — for both inspiration and solace!

    I appreciate all of YOU! ….peace….


  2. Hard to deny that our alienation from nature is the cause of our disaster, and will likely also be our demise.

    Certainly the more squarely one can face the dark side of oneself and that of one’s culture, the better equipped one is to solve whatever problems one chooses to address. I don’t see how anyone is going to solve any problems until they have some grasp of who they are and why they are here (beyond the socially constructed EGO).

    Since I have started to ask these questions, I think it’s important to allow a lot of different perspectives. I assume that nobody is complete/perfect, and since I am not complete I expect to learn from other people.

    I was not able to learn much in school but I don’t think people should regret earning their degrees, especially if it was in ecology or wildlife conservation. Just because the sciences have been the tools of myriad abuses, doesn’t mean we should abandon them. On the other hand, I don’t think all environmental questions need be deferred to scientists, like you say, indigenous people know/knew how to live sustainably and they did not have PHDs.

    I think this is an effort that is going to take everyone’s participation, so we need to learn how to bring forth the best in ourselves and encourage that in everyone else. But I basically agree, until a critical mass actually starts to live in a way which demonstrates recognition of the severity of the problems…

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