“Madness of George W Bush” w/ Paul Levy

First Aired: 06-27-2007 -- 1 comment | Add comment
Paul Levy

Paul Levy, who went through psych hospitalizations as part of a spiritual emergence process and became a Buddhist teacher, discusses his book The Madness Of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis.


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One comment on ““Madness of George W Bush” w/ Paul Levy

  1. This is Gail writing from the Middle East. It’s fantastic to get these archives of Madness radio here in the desert. I’ve gone through close to 78 shows and about 4 years of archives.
    I enjoyed my experiences very much in one of Paul’s groups in Portland in the early 90’s! This was the first time I’d ever been in a therapeutic setting with a “survivor,” this was very empowering and affirming in itself.
    I also am remembering a therapeutic experience with the training clinic associated with the University of Oregon! About 3 or 4 therapists (students) came into a counseling session with me and acted the roles of my different family members. I remember one counselor almost coming to tears because she became so identified with the emotions of one of my family members, I think my mother. This kind of therapeutic exercise showed so much respect and caring!
    Thank you Paul! And thank you Will for these amazing shows!

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