Rocky Caravelli: Treating Addiction with Psychedelic Ibogaine

First Aired: 06-20-2007 -- 3 comments | Add comment

Rocky Caravelli talks about his recovery from 25 years of methamphetamine and heroin addition and a bipolar diagnosis through treatment with Ibogaine, a visionary plant medicine from indigenous people in West Africa, and his work helping many others heal.

Rocky is director of Ibogaine treatment center Awaken In The Dream house in San Francisco de Nayarit, Mexico.

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3 comments on “Rocky Caravelli: Treating Addiction with Psychedelic Ibogaine

  1. The treatment of drug addiction is a huge business in the United States. A psychiatrist could easily spend 12 years of his life in college and another dozen years becoming proficient in his trade.

    I don’t think that our medical community is willing to be receptive to any kind of magic bullet discovered eons ago in Africa by an addict. This situation is no different than that of all of the fuel efficiency technology for cars who’s patents were purchased and kept off of the market by the oil companies for decades because they were simply “bad for business”.

    This stuff works. The model to study this fact exists. The folks who can benefit most from ibogaine are powerless against the giant AMA and FDA. Unless a patient can scrap up a few thousand dollars and the ability to travel outside of the country, they will remain in the revolving door that generates so much cash for the medical comunity and, of course, paid for by YOU. Thank you.

  2. Just wondering about the chance of getting addicted to the cure. A good percentage of naturally occurring psychedelics are addictive albeit moderately so.

    1. Hi there — my understanding is there is no addiction risk for Ibogaine because the drug is so painful and upsetting to take; it’s not pleasurable like other addictive substances.

      While people may return too often to psychedelic drug use (like any powerful experience can become compelling in an unhealthy way), they are not considered addictive like substances such as alcohol, nicotine, benzodiazepines or heroin are by building tolerance. Psychedelics do have their risks but that kind of addiction is not one of them. It’s important to have accurate information about drugs and drug use, and I caution about accepting misinformation spread by the war on drugs.

      Erowid is a good source for accurate information about psychedelics.

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