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Sharon Wise: Restraints and Seclusion

First Aired 11-09-2005 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Sharon Wise

Sharon Wise, psychiatric survivor activist on her story as a psychiatric survivor and organizing efforts to end “restraints and seclusion,” euphemisms for shackling and solitary confinement.

Paul Levy: Spiritual Emergence

First Aired 11-06-2005 | 5 comments | Add comment
Paul Levy, Awaken in the Dream

Paul Levy, counselor, teacher, and coordinator of the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center in Portland, Oregon, speaking on his spiritual emergence from psychosis to mystical awakening.

Also check out Paul’s website and writing at

Madness Radio Poetry Special

First Aired 10-19-2005 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Poetry special with psychiatric survivors Carey Lamprecht, Ashley McNamara, Oryx Cohen, Chaya Grossberg, Ellen Hayes, and Teddy Peterson.

Ashley McNamara: Icarus Project

First Aired 09-13-2005 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Ashley McNamara, co-founder of the Icarus Project, discusses her struggles with experiences diagnosed as bipolar disorder, and her work organizing the Icarus Project, an alternative support network for people who challenge the medical and disease understanding of madness. Ashley also reads from her poetry and journal.

Gail Hornstein: Psychotherapy for Psychosis

First Aired 08-22-2005 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Gail Hornstein, Mt. Holyoke Professor and author of biography of Frieda Fromm-Reichman, on psychiatric patient first-person narratives and psychotherapy for schizophrenia and psychosis without medications.


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