Ruta Mazelis: Cutting Edge Self Injury

First Aired: 09-27-2006 -- 2 comments | Add comment
Ruta Mazelis

Self-injury and cutting with Ruta Mazelis, psychiatric abuse survivor and editor for 17+ years of the acclaimed newsletter “The Cutting Edge”. Cutting, burning, head banging and other self-harm are discussed from the point of view of people doing them — as coping mechanisms that need compassion and understanding, not the force and judgment of mainstream psychiatry.

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2 comments on “Ruta Mazelis: Cutting Edge Self Injury

  1. What a great show! Thank you so much! I didn’t notice that there is actually a lot of feminist criticism of the borderline label. Could you point out some resources?

    1. Hi there, try,, Judith Herman’s book Trauma and Recovery, and Paula Caplan’s work. — Will

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