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Jay Mahler was one of the originators of the psychiatric survivors movement in the 1960s, joining protests with the Free Speech Movement at the University of California Berkeley- the beginnings of protest against the US war in Vietnam – and then dedicating his life to ending forced treatment and protecting psychiatric patient rights. He was a much loved leader in the movement with extensive impact on the lives of everyone involved in survivor / peer / consumer mental health advocacy, in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Jay passed away this May and will be dearly missed, he was a really genuine kindhearted man who touched everyone who knew him. Thanks to Dina Tyler for co-hosting this recent interview with Jay.

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3 comments on “Nothing About Us Without Us | Jay Mahler | Madness Radio

  1. Thank you for this amazing interview and honoring Jay. It’s so moving to hear him tell his personal story just before he left this world. He was the first activist I met in the early 80’s at one of the first Alternative conferences in the Bay Area. . His passion and deep commitment to the work is beyond impressive. What has always impressed me is how humble and devoted he has been wirh true loving kindness and seeming to have no ego in the game. A hard worker with a mission to change mental health care for the better. He has touched so many and will be deeply missed.
    Love you always Jay

  2. Listened to this amazing 2 hour interview. What a gift that you were able to record Jay’s life experience and impact. On changing the mental health system Doesn’t seem you were aware that we would lose jay only 2 months after you made this recording.
    Thank you! This is golden. And so seeet to hear jays voice.
    I loved every minute of this interview.

  3. My experience in the hospital is tat the staff members enjoy inflicting pain on people. I don’t see how anything like this could ever be healing so I do not think psychiatry can be reformed. It should be abolished

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