Meditation and Liberation | Nirali Shah | Madness Radio

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Is mindfulness meditation about calming the mind and accepting things as they are? Or is it a force for social change and challenging oppression? Can meditation help us become intimate with our wild, primal and untamed creative force? Nirali Shah, certified UCLA mindfulness facilitator and teacher at Spirit Rock, has spent thousands of hours meditating, as well as serving in one of the largest slum communities of Asia. She currently teaches with technology companies such as Google as well as academic institutions and non-profits, with a focus on re-wilding the self.

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5 comments on “Meditation and Liberation | Nirali Shah | Madness Radio

  1. Thanks Nirali and Will for broaching such an important subject — meditation and mindfulness are tools for change not subjugation. Re-wilding what a great term!!

  2. Thank you for this interview. Everything Ms. Shah said resonated with me. Especially when she said that if you met her 15 years ago, she was a very different person. It give me hope that we all have the capacity for self-connection. It has been awhile since yoh have published an interview but this one was well worth the wait and fits well on Madness Radio. Thanks Will.

    1. *gives *you (sorry for the typos)

  3. Thank you so much Nirali and Will…I really needed to hear this today and to be in your presence. Grateful for your sharing.

  4. I really appreciate this interview – echoed a lot of feelings about meditation and mental wellbeing put succinctly and beautifully. Thank you so much!

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