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Process Oriented Counseling with Joe Goodbread

First Aired 04-23-2008 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
yin yang

Counselor and researcher Joe Goodbread discusses his more than 25 years experience working with madness and extreme states using Process Oriented Psychology, an innovative approach based in the work of Carl Jung and developed by Arnold Mindell.

Joe describes listening to the meaning in experience, helping people unfold their states, taoism, dreams, rank differences, and working with the body. Joe is a senior faculty at the Process Work Institute and author of The Dreambody Toolkit and Radical Intercourse.

Forced Drugging and Treatment with Journalist Philip Dawdy

First Aired 04-10-2008 | No Comments Yet | Add comment

Award-winning journalist Philip Dawdy, formerly a writer with the Seattle Weekly newspaper, discusses how forced psychiatric treatment and drugging are ineffective responses to violent crime and the so-called “dangerous mentally ill.” Philip is the writer of the excellent blog about Big Pharma profiteering and mental health policy

Environmental Insanity w/ Author Derrick Jensen

First Aired 03-26-2008 | 2 comments | Add comment
Jensen: A Language Older than Words

Visionary writer and thought-provoking environmentalist Derrick Jensen talks about the human-caused ecological collapse of the natural world, family trauma, technological brainwashing, indigenous societies, Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing, and the importance of rage in an undeniably insane world.

Comfortably Numb: Author Charles Barber

First Aired 03-19-2008 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Barber: Comfortably Numb

Author Charles Barber talks about his new book Comfortably Numb: How Psychiatry is Medicating a Nation, a history of the rise of psychiatric drug marketing from “mother’s little helper” to today’s 200 million plus anti-depressant prescriptions.

South Africa Activism: Moosa Salie

First Aired 03-12-2008 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Moosa Salie

Capetown South Africa survivor activist Moosa Salie talks about mental health organizing in Africa and beyond, and work to establish the Ubuntu Center for alternative support.

Check out Moosa’s blog and the World Network of Uses and Survivors of Psychiatry at

Survivor Songwriter Vara Adams

First Aired 01-30-2008 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Vara Adams

Vara Adams survived forced hospitalization, drugging, and multiple electroshocks as a teen in Melbourne Australia. She went on to become a heavy metal-influenced songwriter about her experiences as part of the healing process. Show includes several of Vara’s songs.

Rights Organizing: Celia Brown

First Aired 01-23-2008 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Celia Brown

Psychiatric abuse survivor and human rights activist Celia Brown discusses working for change in the mental health system, including her ownn experiences and creating “supported decision-making” for people in distress.

Celia is President of Mindfreedom International and a board member of the National Association of Rights Advocacy and Protection.

Sexual Abuse: Searching for Angela Shelton

First Aired 12-26-2007 | 2 comments | Add comment
Angela Shelton

Angela Shelton is an award-winning Hollywood actress and filmmaker, who traveled across the US meeting other women named Angela Shelton and discovering how widespread sexual abuse is in our society. She discusses her film Searching for Angela Shelton and her work helping people heal from trauma.

Colonialism and Native Mental Health: Stella Montour

First Aired 12-19-2007 | 3 comments | Add comment
Stella Montour

First Nations Ojibway activist and psychiatric abuse survivor Stella Montour of Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada talks about colonialism and racism against native people, how they affect mental health, and her work for change.

Our Crazy Economy: Catherine Austin Fitts

First Aired 12-12-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Catherine Austin Fitts

A money insider’s view of how crazy and corrupt our US-led world economic system really is, including drug money, mlitary spending, and the housing crisis.

Catherine Austin Fitts was Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner under President Bush senior, Managing Director, Dillon Read & Co. Inc., and founder of Hamilton Securities investment bank. She has designed and closed over $25 billion of transactions and investments to-date and has led portfolio strategy for $300 billion of financial assets and liabilities.

Psychiatric Abuse: Activist Angela Bischoff and Shock Survivor Wayne Lax

First Aired 12-05-2007 | 1 comment | Add comment
Angela Bischoff

Two interviews on psychiatric abuse: Angela Bischoff’s husband Tooker Gomberg died in a suicide after taking anti-depressants; both were prominent Toronto environmental and peace activists. Wayne Lax survived 80 shock treatments and multiple hospitalizations over thirty years.

Today both Angela and Wayne are waging campaigns to reform the mental health system.

Portland Police Training w/ Julie Diamond

First Aired 11-28-2007 | 3 comments | Add comment
Julie Diamond

After James Chasse, a man with a schizophrenia diagnosis, was killed by Portland police in 2006, reforms included improved police training. Julie Diamond discusses efforts to help teach police better de-escalation and conflict resolution techniques as an alternative to force and violence.

Check out,, and another audio interview with Julie at

America’s Depression Epidemic: Bruce Levine

First Aired 11-21-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Levine: Surviving America's Depression Epidemic

Clinical psychologist Bruce Levine discusses his new book Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic: How to Find Morale, Energy, and Community in a World Gone Crazy, an insightful exploration of the social and political causes of depression and how to heal by rebuilding communities.

Human Rights in Argentina with Mental Disability Rights International

First Aired 11-14-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
Mental Disability Rights International

Latin America Program Director Alison Hillman of Mental Disability Rights International talks with Will Hall in Buenos Aires Argentina about the campaign to reform the country’s brutally abusive mental health system, and the work she and Will have been doing with the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales to support the emergence of the user/survivor movement.

Virginia Tech Icarus Project Dialog

First Aired 10-31-2007 | No Comments Yet | Add comment
VA Tech

Icarus Project organizers Madigan Shive, Molly Sprengelmeyer, Will Hall, Neil Gong, and Sascha DuBrul visit Virginia Tech, site of the violent tragedy, and discuss campus mental health issues with students.


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