Homelessness And Mental Health w/ Marykate Connor

First Aired: 12-10-2008 -- 3 comments | Add comment
Caduceus Outreach Services

Marykate Connor, founder of Caduceus Outreach Services in San Francisco, talks about her innovative work helping homeless people with mental health problems. She discusses the criminal justice system, the decline of services since the 1970s, medication policies, poverty, and what led her to create one of the most innovative and effective homelessness programs in the country.

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3 comments on “Homelessness And Mental Health w/ Marykate Connor

  1. Marykate,
    I thought I would take moment to locate you and then share with you my feelings and let you knoww that I am STILL HERE. That is here at 739 1/2 Alabama Street, Vallejo, Ca 94590. July 1, 2011 I celebrated my 8th anniversary here. My mother passed away after 86 years of love and support. My son is the DEli Manager here at Luckys. I have 6 beautiful grandchildren and 5 lovely cats. Hardly day passes that I don’t think of you and miss your voice and sweet assurance. I know that the world is still a beautiful place as long s I know you are in it. I would love it if you would check me out on Facebook. LOVE2U, MAVIS

  2. hi, mary kate,
    is it you from st. george homes in the seventies?
    now due to internet, i can ” research” the olden times.
    if it IS YOU, then there is a nice synchronicity:
    the father of my 24 year olf son established a psychosomatic clinic 12 years ago, and he named it
    it is many decades ago, and i have spent my life since in the field of therapy. since 1980 i am back in germany.
    if it is you, i would be happy about an email!

    1. Wonderful to hear from you!
      Yes, its me- An old St. George warrior-
      Where are you living these days?
      Im in San Francisco, the City of my birth, and probably my death, as my life is here in the deepest of ways.
      Congratulations on a 24 y/o son!

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