Hoarding Stuff w/ Randy Frost

First Aired: 11-26-2008 -- 2 comments | Add comment
Frost: Buried in Treasures

Psychology professor Randy Frost, author of Buried In Treasures, discusses his work on hoarding, people who collect so much stuff excessively that it disrupts their lives or creates a health or fire hazard, including how to help people without risking adding to the problem through intrusive or drastic intervention.


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2 comments on “Hoarding Stuff w/ Randy Frost

  1. Dear Will,

    Your show saved me many times last year when I was in a deep hole of depression and anxiety. I have a history with OCD (the pure-O type, intrusive thoughts). I would love it if you did a show on this topic. You have many shows dedicated to psychosis, but I think a lot of your listeners would greatly benefit from hearing someone talk about Pure Obsessive OCD without the common known compulsive traits of handwashing or fear of contamination. Thank you Will for all your work in the field. Your radio shows are like a warm, compassionate blanket when it seems like no one understands what we go though daily. Your recovery gives me hope for myself.

    1. Thank you so much JK, yes, I’d love to do a show on OCD. I’m very behind with scheduling guests but I will keep it in mind, you’re right, it’s an important topic and hasn’t been given enough attention on the Madness Radio. – Will

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