Family Homes | Carina Håkansson

First Aired: 07-01-2014 -- 1 comment | Add comment
Carina Håkansson

What if ordinary families could provide care for people psychiatry has given up on? Is there a way out for people stuck long-term as mental patients? Can human relationships and living together be more effective than medications, diagnosis, and hospitals?

Carina Håkansson’s values wouldn’t allow her to work in the traditional psychiatric system in Sweden. She left to create the Family Care Foundation, providing foster homes, therapy, and supervision for people with psychosis and extreme emotional distress. What can we all learn from this visionary — and simple — solution?

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One comment on “Family Homes | Carina Håkansson

  1. I want to thank Carina for the great interview and for the important work she is leading in Sweden – I hope the word gets out and this begins to spread as a model.

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