Poet Shaman Eddie Bartok-Baratta / Samana

First Aired: 11-09-2006 -- 6 comments | Add comment
Eddie Bartok-Baratta

Visionary writer, musician, and sculptor Eddie Bartok-Baratta performs his powerful poetry, plays flute, and discusses his amazing life, trauma and violence, and his creativity.

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6 comments on “Poet Shaman Eddie Bartok-Baratta / Samana

  1. I remember Ed, Eddie, and Edward.
    It’s really swell to hear ” Eddie”s” voice again.

    1. It sure is.

      1. Calling someone “sick” in a comment is a violation of both civility and the spirit of Madness Radio. I decided to leave up this comment however, because I think it says much more about the comment writer than it does about Samana / Eddie.

        Samana / Eddie’s activism in Northampton isn’t something I know firsthand, but I did a bit of reading to find out more of what he’s been up to since this interview was recorded several years ago.

        Here’s the unbroken link to the Hampshire Life article:


        Maybe, like Christ, Samana is getting persecuted because he’s onto something.

        — Will Hall

        1. The link to the article about Samana was broken again – I am not impressed by the Hampshire Gazette’s interest in transparency and open debate if a major magazine article tends to disapper from its online archives after the subject becomes the center of controversy. So I posted the Gazette story on the Madness Radio site here: http://www.madnessradio.net/files/SamanaHampshireLifeNewspaperHisOwnOrder-SelfAppointedMonkGazette.pdf

  2. Good to hear Edward’s voice again; I haven’t seen him since college, ca. the late 90s.

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