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What does healthcare become when science is limited by a mechanistic, machine view of reality? How does a mechanistic view shape concepts of mental health and illness – and deny the fundamental aliveness of human beings? What does the study of living systems teach us for creating a different, more holistic vision? Fritjof Capra, theoretical physicist, systems theorist, and author of several international bestselling books including The Tao of PhysicsThe Web of Life, and most recently The Systems View of Life (co-authored with Pier Luigi Luisi), discusses a shift in scientific consciousness with far reaching implications for our understanding of mind and mental illness. Photo: Basso Cannarsa

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2 comments on “Systems View of Life | Fritjof Capra | Madness Radio

  1. There are times when you come across information and it’s perfect timing for you. This podcast is one such time for me. The Santiago Theory of Cognition is a new concept for me and its message that all forms of life have cognition (and the brain is just one machine that demonstrates this) makes so much sense. The definition of spirituality being culture and history free also resonates well with me. I’m definitely going to buy Fritjof’s “The Systems View of Life” to get more insight. Thank you for a briliant podcast!

  2. This is great. Will, you have listed dozens of such examples of creative thinking in mental health over the years. Great! However none of this is filtering down to my grey dull outpatient clinic in nowheresville U.K. it’s fine having these creative thinkers but if psychiatry rolls on regardless what’s the point.

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