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What’s it like to be a teenager in a psychiatric hospital? What’s it like to be a queer pregnant teenager? And is it true that friends do make the best medicine? Nina Packebush explores these questions and more in her groundbreaking debut young adult novel, Girls Like Me. Girls Like Me is an In the Margins 2018 recommended book and a Lambda Literary Finalist.  Nina is a queer-identified, grown-up teen mom, writer, zine maker, and mental health advocate – as well as Madness Radio Producer. www.ninapackebush.com

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2 comments on “Queer Teen Pregnancy | Nina Packebush | Madness Radio

  1. I have the uncanny feeling that you know my story Will. I also have the feeling that you chose to ignore it eventhough it exposes the basic human rights violations imported from the states to the uk and France. That the side effects of antipsychotics can and do lead to extreme states often with damage to the central nervous system that can Lead to behavior completely out of character to those (mis) treated with these chemicals. You would probably think that my story is too extreme or disturbing to diffuse. I think you’re wrong. I think that my personal history is at the core of mainstream psychiatric abuse and will remain so just as long as people like yourself choose to ignore it.
    Liked the programme by the way

    1. I wish I could do more shows with more guests – your story is certainly worthy of an interview! I encourage you to create a blog post for Mad In America or a YouTube video or audio for the internet. I agree psychiatry is often shocking and extreme! And I’m glad you liked the programme.

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