Olympia WA Icarus Listener Shares Feedback

First Aired: 04-01-2009 -- Add comment

Here’s some glowing feedback from Washington State. Thanks for the inspiration folks!

Will, You are a Gift and Gifted!

Will Hall blows me away with his gentle, humble, human ability to validate everyone’s unique, personal experience around mental health while translating their experience to the public in a way that can be easily digested, if not embraced, by the pre-dominant reality and the current paradigm that so desperately needs eyes and senses lit open to new ways of perceiving and understanding the world and our visionaries in all their varied forms. Will is a bridge-builder – between the spiritual realm and human realm – between pre-dominant reality and alternate realities.

Thank you, Will, and thank you, Madness Radio, for educating the mainstream and nourishing/fueling all the mad souls out there!!!

Mad Love and Pride,
Laura from The Icarus Project in Olympia

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