Politics of Language: Sera Davidow

First Aired: 05-01-2013 -- 2 comments | Add comment
Producer Sera Davidow

How do psychiatric labels shape our perceptions of others – and ourselves? Are there better ways to understand emotional distress? Does the “peer movement” offer real alternatives — or present new problems? Sera Davidow, psychiatric survivor, director of the peer-run Western Mass Recovery Learning Community (RLC), and co-producer of the new film “Beyond the Medical Model,” discusses the politics of language and innovative programs to truly help people in distress.


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2 comments on “Politics of Language: Sera Davidow

  1. I need HELP (quid est Veritas? )

    1. I’ve been in the pykiatrick system in Denmark for 12yrs, , I’m originally from the uk
      And I don’t know how to express comment because it would take a life time! I’ve had. 8 different diagnosis ranging from. Schizophrenia, adhd, schitzo affective, bipolar disorder with psychosis etc and over medicated to the point where I’m physically disabled; 25 ect shocks! And I am SHOCKED because I can’t wait to die I can’t believe or take it anymore? !

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