Madness and Renewal: Michael Cornwall

First Aired: 09-01-2012 -- 4 comments | Add comment

What if people struggling with madness could explore their emotions in a supportive sanctuary? Do frightening ‘psychotic’ experiences have the power to transform and heal? Is breakdown also breakthrough?

Michael Cornwall became a therapist after surviving his own crisis — without medication or psychiatric treatment. For more than 30 years he has worked in the tradition of Carl Jung and R.D. Laing to support people to go through psychotic states in medication-free community settings, including John Weir Perry’s Diabasis House in the 1970s. (PDF)

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4 comments on “Madness and Renewal: Michael Cornwall

  1. thank you for this insightful and inspiring interview, peace, nancy

  2. This reminds me of a group in Portland that is committed to community support for alternatives to tradition psychiatry. It’s called Rethinking Psychiatry. I keep thinking the Dick Price / Esalen model would be of great help to their work/efforts.
    Thank you for doing this important work.

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  4. Powerful… I appreciate your view.

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