Madness Radio Kickstarter Campaign SUCCEEDS! – Thank you to all donors!

First Aired: 10-26-2012 -- Add comment

Click below for more info on the campaign and to see the list of all our donors who made this Kickstarter campaign a success!


We’ve just launched our first fundraising campaign!

With your support we will produce more Madness Radio episodes in 2013 — and publish a Madness Radio book of interviews.

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THANKS to everyone who has supported us to keep Madness Radio’s unique voices on the air.


Aki Imai Al Galves Alan Dunnigan Alex Rowan Alexandra Lamoureux Altostrata Amy Morgan Ann Anna Maddock Anne Weaver Anthony cicicarino Arley Lindberg Barb Westover Barbara G. Creech Bert Bobby Brendan Haeidernreich Brian Mckinnon Brian Rottinghaus C. Beaumont Carole Hayes Collier Cathering L. Penney Cheryl Prax Daniel B Fisher Daniel Hazen Daniel L. Ballif Darby Penney Debbie Diana Epperson Dianne Dragon Digital Eyes Film Dorthy Dundas Duane Haataja Eilon Atar Elahe Hessemfar Elizabeth Ann Gignac Emily Rottinghaus Eric Stiens Erick Fabris Forteanajones Gail Hornstein Iona Mitrea J. Chang Jack Carney Jackie Smith Jan Mclaughlin Jan Peterson 
Karyn Baker Janice Sorensen Jason Renaud Jay Harrison Jay Thiemeyer Jen Maurer Jill Pierce JoDee Brown John Frehn John Stafford John T Heinbuch Johnny Cashmere Jonah Jullia Baber Karen Keiffer Karen Psaledakis Karen Taylor Keith Dragon Ken Paul Rosenthal Kermit Cole Krista Mackinnon Krista Tricarico Laura Delano Laurel Long Laurie “musa” Vandnais Lisa Forestell Lisa Jakobsen Liz Scarfe Luis Gonzalez M. Joy Young, LSCW Marck Dinicola Maren Souders Maria Warren Marian B. Goldestein Mark Brunke Mary Schott Mathew Morrissey Melanie Melanie Wilson Michael Kalmbach Molly Molly Rottinghaus Monica Cassani Mother Bear CAN Myree Morsi Nadia Gomez Nancy Burke Nathan Foster National Empowerment Center Nazlim Hagmann Neil Gong Nev Jones Pam Rainer Pamela Murray Winters Pat Rhiannon Griffith Patricia Kubala Paul Levy Paula Feldman Pierrette E. Daigle R.E.B Ron Unger Russel Baugher Sandra Blomberg Sara Sara Davidow Sarah Edmonds Sean Parker Sera Davidow Courtney Sharin Siobhan Mary Reid Sonia Weaver Sophie Faught Stacco Stefanie Beier Stella Voreas Stephanie Pollack Steve Rottinghaus Steven Epperson Sumner Bradley Susan Blacker Susan Schechter Suzanne Beachy Taylor Schulte Tony Tsuyoshi Matsuo Vannessagf Krasinkski Veronica Rose Vinay Nair Vivi Fragou Wendy Dixon William Stuart McDougall Yana Jacobs Zach Summer Zeya Kai

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