Judi Chamberlin: Psychiatric Survivor Movement

First Aired: 02-08-2006 -- 2 comments | Add comment
Judi Chamberlin

Judi Chamberlin is a leading organizer with the psychiatric survivors’ movement and one of its earliest initiators. She is author of On Our Own: Patient Controlled Alternatives to the Mental Health System and staff with the National Empowerment Center. Show is co-hosted by Cheryl Alexander.


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2 comments on “Judi Chamberlin: Psychiatric Survivor Movement

  1. What an incredible, inspiring, brilliant and brave woman. I did not know her. She was a leader and a pathmaker-trailmaker in the survivor movement. When you are lost and have no idea where to go, a path going somewhere gives you hope, and hope is a very important thing to have. Chamberlin authored On Our Own (1978), which came to be viewed as a manifesto to other activists in the Mad Pride movement, and she was an advocate and educator at the forefront of efforts to restore people’s rights and close institutions. Many of her writings, interviews and other information about her can be found by searching online.

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