Zyprexa Memos Scandal: Update

First Aired: 01-17-2007 -- 2 comments | Add comment

Zyprexa manufacturer Eli-Lilly covered up criminal conduct and drug risks, leaked documents show, and is using a court gag order to keep survivor activists, including Freedom Center organizer Will Hall, quiet.

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2 comments on “Zyprexa Memos Scandal: Update

  1. Dear Radio ,
    I have had Zyprexa ,Olanzapine ,

    I didnot feel the tablets did me any good .

    I ened up with an uncontrollableurge to walk around the room .

    i ARRIVED home and could not stop walking.I could not sit .

    Aftera phone call to a doctor I was told to stop the tables .

    I did not like my stya in hosptial ,nor do I rate the treatment .

    I initiall wentin for nerves and an eating distoder .

    I also was thretened with Schizophrenia and feel it was a means of frightening me .

    i BELEIVE Zyprexa ,O lazapine shouldbe banned and so shold the diagnosis of any one with Schizophrenia .

    Thank you ,

    Good luck .

    1. I agree with you

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