Judi Chamberlin — Always With Us

First Aired: 01-18-2010 -- Add comment

Judi ChamberlinMovement visionary and activist firebrand Judi Chamberlin will always be with us in spirit. She was a longtime friend and will be deeply missed.

She recently wrote:

I don’t believe in an afterlife; I think when I die it will just be a return to the same nothingness as before my birth. I believe that the only ‘afterlife’ is the way one lives on in people’s memories, and it has been so gratifying to me to hear from so many people who appreciate the work I’ve done and the positive effect I’ve had on their lives. So I feel confident that I will live on in the memories of many, many people, and that thought gives me great comfort.

You can listen to a great interview with Judi here: http://www.madnessradio.net/madness-radio-judi-chamberlin-psychiatric-survivor-movement”

Update: National Public Radio used clips from the Madness Radio interview with Judi for their radio and website profiles.

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