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Is thinking a cognitive process of information input and output? Or do consciousness and emotion take place in our bodies – animated, moving, and responsive to the environment? And what would Darwin think of today’s focus on brains and neuroscience – is there an evolutionary way to understand the mind instead?

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, dancer, philosopher, and author of more than 70 journal articles and 9 books, including The Corporeal Turn: An Interdisciplinary Reader, The Primacy of Movement, and The Phenomenology Of Dance, explores her understanding of the evolution of mind. http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Movement_as_a_Way_of_Knowing


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2 comments on “Evolution of Mind | Maxine Sheets-Johnstone | Madness Radio

  1. Will,

    I love your work here. Have learned tremendously. Thank you. Particularly enjoyed this interview with Maxine. Never thought before about movement and dance and the mind. It’s funny how what makes sense is lost on us in media. It really takes your work here to open us up. While Maxine’s work will take some time to digest, I am sure, listening to the interview was a revelation. The closing comments about schizophrenia and fear resonated. Again, thank you.


  2. What a fascinating, deep, intelligent interview with a most interesting guest. You really are an amazing interviewer Will, wonderful questions, insightful comments, and deep listening. It’s so valuable to be opened to receive these perspectives. I will check out her books as well, and definitely be coming back to this interview.


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