Eli-Lilly Slaps Will Hall With Court Injunction Over NYT Zyprexa Docs Leak! Happy New Year!

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After Alaska Attorney Jim Gottstein leaked Eli-Lilly documents about Zyprexa, proving a coverup of illegal practices and drug risks, to the New York Times, Eli-Lilly’s legal hit squad has ben working overtime… Check out zyprexakills.us

Freedom Center organizer Will Hall just received a court order signed by US District Court Judge Hon Brian M. Corgan regarding the Eli-Lilly documents Alaska Attorney Jim Gottstein leaked to the New York Times. The order, dated Dec. 29th, says that the “following individuals who have received documents… are hereby enjoined from further disseminating these documents… injunction requires removal of any such documents posted at any website, and communication of this Order to anyone to whom these documents have already been disseminated…”

You can read the injunction here: http://www.freedom-center.org/pdf/LillyDocsInjunctionOrder12-29-06.pdf

Will Hall is not at liberty to comment on the injunction, but issued the following statement:

“This is the tip of the iceberg; the story here isn’t Eli-Lilly’s medical fraud, which we’ve known about for decades, but that they got caught red handed breaking the law. With its corrupt and criminal behavior Eli-Lilly long ago forfeited any claim to ethical integrity or medical legitimacy. I don’t think the New York Times call for congressional hearings in this scandal goes far enough. We need to realize that it’s a disaster to entrust our health and wellbeing to private corporations, who at the end of the day can only care about stockholder profit. Whether it’s health care scandals, the greenhouse effect, the arms industry, or child poverty, corporate capitalism has proved itself again and again to be at odds with human needs and common sense.

“Whenever we try to get behind the headlines and look at this big picture, we’re told we have to make an either/or choice, between letting corporations like Eli-Lilly totally run amok, or tightening up a little so they get slapped on the wrist every now and then when they get caught. I think the people of the US are smarter than that. It’s time we wake up and connect the dots: health care and the whole US economy are built on a rotten foundation with corporate capitalism. We can address this problem at its roots if we want to. I say we put the executives of Eli-Lilly and the rest of the pharmaceutical mafia in jail where they belong, and get to work building a better economic system.”

To find out more about the growing internet campaign around these documents, go to zyprexakills.us

(do a websearch for zyprexakills — one word, no space — to see how the campaign is spreading)

You can read the background on Lilly’s campaign to use the courts to suppress the Zyprexa documents here:


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