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Is madness breakdown or initiation into a spiritual calling? Crazywise is a documentary film that explores the meaning of psychosis from the perspective of traditional cultures and shamanism, following the stories of people struggling with extreme states, spiritual awakening, and the mental health system’s failures. Filmmaker Phil Borges is an award winning photographer and filmmaker whose work has appeared on National Geographic and Discover.

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4 comments on “Crazywise Film | Phil Borges | Madness Radio

  1. A friend of mine is quite concerned about the approach of the Winter Solstice. She has told me she received an initiation (unwittingly) as a Winter Solstice Sacred Clown in 2003 that was “marvelous” though she was handcuffed and held in lockdown for her “bizarre behavior”, though she was lively and fun throughout the experience in Truth or Consequences and its baths. She has studied and received many initiations from Tibetan Buddhist monks and she has a root guru.
    She is alone now, just had neck surgery, and tells me she feels powerful energy growing, and that she is very disturbed by Mercury being retrograde (Gemini). She has been shunned by family and monastery after 17 years. Please tell me what I should tell her.

    1. Also, she is a white woman of 65, former dancer and MA in English, solo performer when healed

  2. Yeah but only see the optimistic side of things from these countries. I have a mental illness and I‘m very pleased I live in America.

    The treatment I receive here helps me to have a family and a career.

  3. Can you post my comment? Pete Townshend and Me. This is My way of healing with my psychosis or whatever.

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