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drupalMadness Radio is a labor of love but it is a labor. Thanksgiving and the holidays, filled with family memories and ‘issues,’ are a good time to get my mind off people and focus on technology, and the results are a new website for Madness Radio — long overdue.

I fast on Thanksgiving as an observation of my heritage, my mom is of American Indian descent. My housemate was away, and though we had probems with the heat, I was swept up into a frenzy of work that ended up being a wonderful way to celebrate the day. I know I know, how about meditating or walking in the forest, certainly things I also love to do on the holidays, but I have a dedication to my creative muses, and when I am inspired, I follow. The results are this Drupal 6 website, soon to be launched in the world.

My own work pace fluctuates with my inspiration with or withdrawal from the world in general, so the site didn’t show up on a set schedule. I’m also not sure when it will go live (since the current page on works fine, there’s no pressure of deadline other than what my inner fire seems to want). The Drupal theme and configuration are shaping up nicely, but if you have any suggestions or problems or spot any technical glitches please take a moment to get in touch and let me know.

Right now I’ve got a lot of great shows in the works, so stay tuned as Madness Radio continues…

Also if you are a listener can I ask you to do something for Madness Radio in return? Head over to the Get Involved page and help out in some way. Just a few minutes of your time could help spread the show to community radio stations and help build our listener base. Thanks and happy holidays

— Will Hall

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