Economic Austerity and Mental Health | Mary O’Hara | Madness Radio

First Aired: 09-04-2015 -- 3 comments | Add comment

Is mental health about individual diseases, or the health of communities and countries as a whole? How do economic policies after the 2008 crisis impact disability rights, suicide rates, and community wellbeing? Are cuts in social spending really necessary for economic growth, or do they cause more problems in the long run?

Guardian columnist Mary O’Hara, author of Austerity Bites, discusses the devastating impact of austerity economic policies in Europe, the scapegoating mindset behind social spending cuts, and the dangers of pursuing similar policies in the US and globally.

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3 comments on “Economic Austerity and Mental Health | Mary O’Hara | Madness Radio

  1. Due to austerity measures, Natural community support groups are essential. I found friends, peers, support, enjoyment, education, employment, advocacy efforts , and more.


  2. Due to austerity measures, natural community support groups are too important.


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