Will Hall Talk On Hearing Voices at Toronto Voices Conference - Audio

By MadnessRadio - Posted on 19 July 2010

I just gave a talk in Toronto Canada as part of the “Do You Hear What I Hear? Alternative Perspectives on the Voice-Hearing Experience” conference. The gathering brought together 150 participants, a mix of people with psychiatric diagnoses, family members, professional service providers, and the general public to hear about a non-pathologizing and empowering way of approaching voice-hearing. Also on the panel were Rufus May and Jacqui Dillon of the UK Hearing Voices Network. The conference was organized by the Leadership Project in Toronto and was part of the city's Mad Pride celebration, and was the kickoff event for the new Canadian Hearing Voices Network.

You can listen to audio of my talk here:


i listened to the talk in toronto, and i liked it. that is all!

Great talk, Will! Very, very inspiring and full of deep insights.

By the way; I really look forward to your next Madnessradio-show. Is it true that you don't do it that often because of financial reasons?

Thanks Sharon ~~ I've been doing Madness Radio essentially as a volunteer for more than 5 years now. My goal is to have one or two new shows up every month, but right now in my life I've got a lot of school and financial pressure that are taking my time. Without a regular budget it makes it hard to do the shows as regularly as I'd like, but I'm going to keep doing Madness Radio since I feel very inspired about the interviews and the response from listeners. If anyone wants to make a donation or suggest a funding source that would be fantastic, and I always appreciate people contacting their local college or community Pacific affiliate radio station to get the show aired in their area. Thanks for your support and interest! -- Will

thanks for this talk Will!.. i wish i was there.. do you ever plan to come in Europe and do this "talk show" over there?

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