Abolish Psy? | Craig Newnes | Madness Radio

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Are psychotherapy’s assumptions completely misguided? What is really at stake in the research and practice of psychology? Is it possible to take a step back and see “psy” for what it is? Craig Newnes is a Jewish dad, grandad, musician, writer, and former director of one of the UK’s largest NHS Psychological Therapies Directorates, and he joins Will Hall to discuss a critical view of the entire psy industry. Past editor of the British Psychological Society clinical psychology division newsletter for 19 years, Craig has doctorates in History and Clinical Psychology and currently edits the Journal of Critical Psychology Counseling and Psychotherapy. He has published over 200 articles and 25 books, including the upcoming Psychomusicology, available from Egalitarian Publishing. (58 min version) (transcript here)

Racism in Psychology
Finniendo – an illustrated saga for children
Survivor Poetry
52 Ways to Change Your Life
Tearagh’t: a novel 
Teaching Critical Psychology 
A Critical A to Z of Electroshock 
Clinical Psychology: A critical examination 
Inscription, Diagnosis, Deception and the Mental Health Industry: How Psy governs us all 

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