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If you are a program director and you’re looking for more diverse topics to cover on your station, Madness Radio offers a unique perspective. Our monthly episodes are available either as 53 minute or 28 minute versions; both the main show post and this page will be updated.

Shows are evergreen and feature magazine format interviews on topics of broad interest and ongoing social concern. Madness Radio BY-NC-ND Creative Commons Copyright and syndicated through Pacifica. You are free to download and broadcast to meet your scheduling needs. (And we’d love to hear about it when you do, drop us a line, we’ll put your logo on our site and link to your station!)

A full selection of the full-length episodes can be found both via iTunes and here: Shows Archive

If you need half-hour shows, you can choose from the 28-min broadcast ready versions of the full episodes — feel free to right-click to download and save. (Contact us for shows not linked here.)

Air Date Episode Title & Guest
12-01-2018 Second Story Alternative | Adrian Bernard
11-01-2018 Systems View of Life | Fritjof Capra
11-01-2018 Jung Therapy and Psychosis | George Mecouch
03-01-2016 Soteria Alaska | Connor Tindall
03-01-2016 Geography Of Madness | Frank Bures
03-01-2016 South Africa Traditional Healing | Gogo Ekhaya
03-01-2016 Meditation and Liberation | Nirali Shah
03-01-2016 New Vision of Psychiatry | Jim van Os
03-01-2016 New Vision of Psychiatry | Jim van Os
03-01-2016 New Vision of Psychiatry | Jim van Os
03-01-2016 New Vision of Psychiatry | Jim van Os
03-01-2016 New Vision of Psychiatry | Jim van Os
03-01-2016 New Vision of Psychiatry | Jim van Os
10-01-2015 Economic Austerity and Mental Health | Mary O'Hara
09-01-2015 Journey Through Mania | Oryx Cohen
01-01-2015 Lincolns Depression | Joshua Wolf Shenk
12-01-2014  Special Messages | Tim Dreby
11-01-2014  Psychotherapy for Schizophrenia | Bert Karon
10-01-2014 Communicating with Psychosis | Dina Tyler
7-01-2014 Family Homes | Carina Håkansson
6-01-2014 Healing Connection | Lauren Spiro
4-01-2014 Redefining Research | Nev Jones
3-01-2014 Risky Pills | David Healy
1-01-2014 Medical Coercion | Tomi Gomory
12-01-2013 Indian Country Psychology | David Walker
11-01-2013 Psychology of Power | David Bedrick
10-01-2013 Understanding Borderline Trauma | Rita Marshall
9-01-2013 Effective Family Support | Krista MacKinnon
8-01-2013 Benzodiazepine Recovery | Matt Samet
7-01-2013 Elders and Forgetfulness | Stan Tomandl
6-01-2013 Unmaking Diagnosis | Gary Greenberg
5-01-2013 Politics of Language | Sera Davidow
4-01-2013 Queer Poetry Inbetweenland | Jacks McNamara
2-01-2013 Meaning of Medications | David Cohen
1-01-2013 Breaking Barriers | Meaghan Buisson
12-01-2012 Singing in the Dark | Susan McKeown
11-01-2012 Beyond Biological Reductionism | Raymond Tallis
10-01-2012 Multiple Worlds | Anusuya StarBear
9-01-2012 Madness and Renewal | Michael Cornwall
8-01-2012 Coming Off Psych Meds | Laura Delano
7-01-2012 Healing Sex | Staci Haines
6-01-2012 Meaning From Voices | Eleanor Longden
5-01-2012 Prison Abolition | Daniel Hazen
4-01-2012 Ethical Therapy | Toby Watson
3-01-2012 Bipolar Children | Sharna Olfman
2-01-2012 Amazonian Healing | Metsa Niwue
1-01-2012 Chemical Crucifixion | Grainne Humphrys
12-01-2011 Healing Veterans | Paula Caplan

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