Madness Radio: Dignity of Elders Carole Hayes Collier

First Aired 11-1-2011

Why are nearly a third of all elders in nursing homes given anti-psychotic drugs, despite life threatening side effects? Are medications being used as chemical restraints? Can nursing homes be places of dignity -- or should they be abolished? Carole Hayes-Collier was diagnosed schizophrenic at 19 and left to a lifetime of hospitalization. When she recovered, the abuses she witnessed inspired her to join the Gray Panthers and dedicate her life to elder rights and mental health.

This is terrible and going on in the UK. My father was put on Rispiridon and Seroquel. It is disgusting what they are doing here in the UK.

I have a website called (Posterous Site) - I cannot talk about my Dad's case at the moment but will do after it has gone to court - I am talking about my daughter at the moment in shocking detail.

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