Chemical Crucifixion: Grainne Humphrys

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Grainne Humphrys

Could a young man’s overwhelming visions of Christ and apocalypse be a creative response to life trauma, rather than signs of paranoid schizophrenia? Does madness unfold differently depending on whether it is supported – or feared?

Irish activist and punk musician Grainne Humphrys, herself a survivor of an extreme state, discusses the campaign for the release of former partner John Hunt. John has been incarcerated and drugged against his will since 2005, sparking international outcry.

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5 comments on “Chemical Crucifixion: Grainne Humphrys

  1. Distant battle of Gods in heavens fighting evil from above, Can you believe this a warrior be, Picking up speed with each new day attacking to save the planet you see.Flaming sword taken head dripping blood from dr psychiarey.

    Don’t fear I’ll battle on to save thios earth cant be wrong. Jump across mars to outer galaxy though beams of red then to face a sword made with thred, hanging down and looking in can I speak with GOD or can it be its now not classed as normality,

    Can this be a message from above with eating fire of a love as spacewards looking shock horrer I see them flying reading minds and telling lying, I’m not crazy you will see they simply try to fraud of t you. In my head they say they hear so why treat me not you,as I don’t hear you, You just start screaming banging doors as GOD drops down another Bomb which can be very pleasing yet me I find a word and Bang you give it a thousand meaning, How can it be A bomb drops killing 600,000 million and not a pill you will not see I hear GOD and its castrastophy never mind Psychiatry well make you think its better you see, No not really as all you do is the the bomb of the 600,000 million wrong while leving me to a dulling Bong

    1. This is very powerful — poetry, battles, GOD, leaving you to a dulling Bong, you and God and Psychiatry, never mind, you can speak with GOD, anger and Mars and POWER, I hear so much POWER in this!

  2. Dear Grianne ( and John of course) I know why we met and I also know that was the right way. It only makes me so sad to hear it JUST DOES NOT change for the better. Although there is so much knowledge of the relationship between live events and “psychotic symptoms” and how to support people with those experiences, it still is being seen as an “illness” which needs to be treated with medication. As if emotional stress can be “treated’with medication instead of love, care and true support.

    If there is any change John can “get out of there” for at least five days, I invite him ( and you Grainne) personally to come over and tell about your stories at a congress here. ( and if I can do some thing to make that happen, let me know!

    hugs erica

  3. If more people where able to explain themselves as well as Grainne we would all understand each other a little better. Well done grainne for getting your point accross. Much love, b

    1. It made me sit up when the talk show hostess brought up the money argument. That is a lie the professionals tell in order to receive more government grants. In my country they have been telling that lie pretty successfully, along with the argument that more outpatient care be needed. Since the 80s more and more cash has flown into the psychiatric system. What we have today: We are now at the peak of in-patient treatments and the number of involuntary commitments has more than doubled (!).

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