Breaking Barriers: Meaghan Buisson

First Aired: 01-01-2013 -- 2 comments | Add comment
Meaghan Buisson

Is a champion athlete more powerful than madness and psychiatric medications?

When Meaghan Buisson said she wanted to break the world record for inline skating, her psychiatrist thought she was mentally ill. Two years later, she won the title — only to face the even greater challenge of self-harm, starvation, and psych meds withdrawal. Buisson now directs BodyWhys Canada, supporting youth with peer education.

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2 comments on “Breaking Barriers: Meaghan Buisson

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  2. Thank you so very much for producing all these interviews, Will. And thanks to Meaghan for telling us about your story.
    Madness Radio is so very important for me in giving information and inspiration about psychiatric alternatives. “Alternatives” that shouldn’t need to be called alternatives – they should be included in the “mainstream” or whatever you call it.
    To me this interview is important because it shows me as a Swede of a very important organization for prevention of self-harm and eating-disorders. I don’t think we have that. And also, when you criticize psychiatry, people often answer that it is not like that any more. The cuckoos nest and all that was long ago. This story with the psychiatrist diagnosing a sane and realistic goal in sports, as psychotic, really shows that insane and oppressive labelling is still very much going on today.
    Thanks again Meaghan and Will and please do continue this excellent work!

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