Transgender Spirituality: Machete Mendias

First Aired: 04-28-2009 -- 1 comment | Add comment
Machete Mendias

Is madness part of a deeper calling? How is being transgender — transitioning from one gender to another — a spiritual process?

Machete Mendias, female-to-male transgender activist and artist, discusses his life beyond the borders of gender identity, normality, and conventional definitions. Machete describes his childhood experiences with visions, ritual self-harm and hair-pulling (trichotillomania), and medications, as well as the role of transgendered people as healers, mystics, and shamans.

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One comment on “Transgender Spirituality: Machete Mendias

  1. Thank you for contributing this interview. I enjoyed it and found it immensely insightful and helpful. I have had similar experiences and also consider myself genderqueer/trans, and to hear this story gives me a sense of solace, solidarity, and inspiration as well. Thank you.

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